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Mike has been instrumental in helping our leadership team get to the next level. He’s helping us master both the science and art of EOS, and we just held our first Annual Session where everyone on the team gave it a perfect 10 rating!

Mike has been very patient with us and he never makes us feel badly about the things that we didn’t do right when we were self-implementing EOS.  It turns out my team didn’t feel as comfortable challenging me on certain aspects of our vision and issues that we were having as I thought they were.  So when Mike was in the room and sensed some of that tension, he was able to dive deeper into those issues and draw people out so that we were having more honest conversations than we had before.

While working with Mike, I’ve reduced the number of hours that I’m working to closer to 30 hours a week, from a high of probably 60 or 70 when I first started with all of this.  I’m down to wearing only two hats, and both of those I’m wearing by choice.  I’m operating much more in my unique ability on a daily basis, which is a lot more enjoyable – and I don’t feel as tired at the end of the day because the things that I’m spending my time on are the things that I truly enjoy.

If we had hired Mike from the beginning we would be a lot further ahead than where we are now. I’d recommend Mike to any company looking for an expert guide on their EOS journey!

Marisa Smith, Owner, The Whole Brain Group

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About the Entrepreneurial Operating System®

EOS®, the Entrepreneurial Operating System®, is a set of timeless business principles and real-world tools that help Entrepreneurs get what they want from their businesses. By mastering this simple “way of operating,” leadership teams of growth-oriented companies systematically and permanently improve. With over 14 years of history and more than tens of thousands of companies currently using our tools, EOS® is a proven system that consistently helps companies achieve more revenue, growth, and profit, while delivering a better balance of life to company owners and leaders.

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