Video Testimonials

The Cherry Republic Leadership Team: Bob Sutherland, Todd Ciolek, Roni Hazelton, Jason Homa, and Nat Gray of Glenn Arbor, Michigan, describe their experience of implementing EOS with Mike Kotsis, resulting in record growth over the last 3 years. Visit their website:

Matt Cramer, President of Holly, MI-based Dee Cramer (HVAC/Sheet Metal Construction & Service), shares his experience of implementing EOS with Mike Kotsis, resulting in $15 Million of growth in just 3 years. Visit their website:

Dave Hunter, Principal of Troy, MI-based Professional Engineering Associates (Civil Engineering, Land Surveying and Landscape Architecture consulting), shares his experience of having Mike Kotsis help bring structure and accountability to his organization by implementing the EOS Tools. Visit their website:

Marisa Smith, Owner of Ann Arbor, MI-based The Whole Brain Group (Michigan Inbound Marketing Agency), shares her experience of having Mike Kotsis help her organization to purely implement the EOS® Tools after having tried to “self implement” the EOS® Tools themselves. Visit their website:

Steve Johns, President of Waterford, MI-based LL Johns & Associates, Inc. (Aviation Insurance Agency), shares his experience working with Mike Kotsis to properly implement the EOS® Tools after 3+ years of attempting to implement it on their. Now he feels his team is much more open and honest with each other now that accountability is clear throughout the company. Visit their website:

Jesse Berger, President of Dearborn, MI-based Berger Dealer Group (Kenworth of Michigan), shares his thoughts on how quarterly sessions with EOS® implementer Mike Kotsis helped his team identify key areas for the company to focus on in order to see impactful results. Visit his website:

Andy Goggins, Andy Goggins, CEO of Flint, MI-based Northgate (Warehousing Packaging, Processing & Distribution), shares his experience of having Mike Kotsis help his family business to solve big issues effectively through implementing the EOS® Tools. Visit his website:

Brian Balasia, CEO of Detroit, MI-based Digerati (Solving complex problems with process, software, and technology integration), shares his experience of having Mike Kotsis help his leadership team focus, get on the same page, and communicate their vision to their entire company. He states that Mike has the unique ability of getting his leadership team to address key core issues that help the company to move forward. Visit his website:

Bernie Kerschbaum, CEO of Battle Creek, MI-based Rosler Metal Finishing USA (The complete range of surface finishing solutions – mass finishing, blasting and shot equipment and services), shares his experience of having Mike Kotsis help align his entire organization around a clear company vision while mastering the EOS® Tools at all levels. Visit his website:

Ben Rife, President/CEO of Troy, MI-based INVOIP, shares his experience working with Mike Kotsis to properly implement the EOS® program, and how it’s helped his team be more accountable to each other and grow the business. Visit his website:



Marisa Smith - Owner, The Whole Brain Group

Mike has been instrumental in helping our leadership team get to the next level. He’s helping us master both the science and art of EOS, and we just held our first Annual Session where everyone on the team gave it a perfect 10 rating!

Mike has been very patient with us and he never makes us feel badly about the things that we didn’t do right when we were self-implementing EOS.  It turns out my team didn’t feel as comfortable challenging me on certain aspects of our vision and issues that we were having as I thought they were.  So when Mike was in the room and sensed some of that tension, he was able to dive deeper into those issues and draw people out so that we were having more honest conversations than we had before.

While working with Mike, I’ve reduced the number of hours that I’m working to closer to 30 hours a week, from a high of probably 60 or 70 when I first started with all of this.  I’m down to wearing only two hats, and both of those I’m wearing by choice.  I’m operating much more in my unique ability on a daily basis, which is a lot more enjoyable – and I don’t feel as tired at the end of the day because the things that I’m spending my time on are the things that I truly enjoy.

If we had hired Mike from the beginning we would be a lot further ahead than where we are now. I’d recommend Mike to any company looking for an expert guide on their EOS journey!

Ben Thompson - President, Thompson Remodeling

I engaged Mike Kotsis as an EOS Implementer to help me create a Leadership Team.  The EOS Tools gave us the structure and guidance we needed to transition from an Owner/Operator to a Team Leadership Model.  Mike helped us put the EOS Tools to use, and the tools helped us get what I wanted as an owner, F-A-S-T!  Thank you, Mike, for facilitating this major step forward in my business.

Steve Fair - President and Visionary, Fair Salvage Company

Thanks to Mike, EOS brings Truth to everything we do, at all levels of the organization. Now, any and all issues get exposed and solved within 7 days – max! Before EOS, we could go weeks and months without even knowing the issues even existed.

Rick Tymoc - Orthodox Detroit Outreach

Mike has provided leadership and counsel to our non-profit organization, and we experienced tremendous growth and interest in Detroit. His background and professional experience in EOS has impacted many companies, both for-profit and non-profit.

George J. Buhler - President and Visionary, Breckers Cutting Tools

The system definitely works. Having meetings on a regular scheduled interval keeps our team on track and rowing in the same direction. This year we will set a new record in Sales, Production, and Geographic areas.

Eric Vogel - CEO, Pillar Social Media

I have a greater understanding of my business than I ever had before. Mike is passionate about helping business owners clarify, simplify and achieve their vision. I now have a detailed plan to achieve the results I want for my business.

Dave Hunter - Partner and Integrator, Professional Engineering Associates (PEA)

Mike has been a spirited implementer of the EOS process. His mentorship has immensely benefited PEA and resulted in defined processes for solving issues, increased accountability, improved internal communication and increased goal achievement.